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Brand development and digital marketing helps specialist law firm grow online presence to compete against larger firms


Founded in 2015, Proelium Law provides legal advice, specialist investigations and consultancy services worldwide to companies, organisations, governments and individuals in the security, defence, international development, extractives, cyber, legal & insurance and manufacturing industries.

The firm is based in the UK with a Head office in London.

The Challenge

Plenty of contacts, but relatively unknown as a law firm.

The new firm needed to increase awareness and implement a marketing strategy to support business development.

Wanted to be recognised as a serious alternative to magic circle firms

Larger firms have divisions specialising in the areas in which Proelium Law operates. So Proelium’s partners needed a strategy to help it compete.

Had little in the way of in-house marketing expertise

Proelium Law’s partners built an initial website. But to build authority, credibility and trust. Also, to attract and connect with senior-level target customers, they knew they needed a more polished website presence.

Little time to devote to marketing

The Partners were busy fulfilling new contracts, building the team and meeting new clients, leaving no time to develop their marketing.

The Solution

A referral brought Proelium Law in contact with Piernine. Following conversations, Piernine persuaded Proelium’s partners it could position the firm as a credible alternative to its larger competitors.

The firm’s partners explained they had a limited budget to work with, but they were willing to work hands-on to take their marketing forward once they had the foundations in place.


Established a new website trusted by users and search engines

To compete with large firms, niche players need to make the most of their online presence.

So Piernine developed a new site for Proelium Law with an easy to navigate site structure.

Simple design and thought-provoking and relevant imagery keep readers interested. More importantly, the design and imagery guide readers through pages and help them to complete tasks.

After that, Piernine researched the firm’s audience and the language it uses. Then Piernine’s copywriters wrote relevant and engaging content to attract the right visitors and convert them into enquiries.

Cemented Proelium Law’s position as a specialist with original content

Demonstrating that Proelium Law is a specialist and has a good reputation, is another way
for the firm to compete with larger and established players.

So Piernine leveraged content in the form of long-form articles to tell the story of the firm. Also, to share its expertise about issues cared about by its audience.

And most importantly, to communicate the value Proelium Law brings to the situations in which its target market appoints the firm.

Curated content builds credibility and trust

Gathering and sharing timely information produced by others helps position Proelium as a trusted information source. Better still, it complements blogging and social media activity and improves SEO.

Built a strong and engaging presence on targeted platforms

Another way for Proelium Law to compete in a niche market is by laser targeting its desired audience.

So Piernine aligned Proelium’s messaging and social media strategy to the existing networking Proelium’s partners carry out with closed networks.

Elsewhere, branded templates make it easy for Proelium to share their partners’ take on curated articles written by influencers and published in relevant publications, the news and social media.

More importantly, exposure to branded content encourages Proelium’s target market to seek out more content from the firm.

Provided the foundations for Proelium Law to run with its marketing plan

Regular and consistent content help target customers to see Proelium Law as a highly regarded specialist with as much authority as competing firms.

And trust Proelium Law’s advice and recommendations.

For this reason, Piernine set up a content plan. And a manageable three-month social media plan to promote it.

When Proelium Law’s target market interacts with its content, links send the reader to Proelium’s website.

To ensure consistency and to keep the firm on track, and at the same time, to raise the profile of its team, Proelium spreads its content creation load around its partners.

Access the range of specialisms you need to make the most of your Internet presence, build your brand and compete with larger competitors.

Piernine offers a bespoke capability away from the one price fits all approach. Since 2016 we’ve been able to grow our website content and appearance at our pace and in our way, but with Piernine’s experience, design flair, IT skills and direction at crucial points. Piernine fixes issues quickly. Having that knowledge on hand is such a comfort. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Adrian Powell MSyl, Solicitor/Partner

Proelium Law
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