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Rebrand, SEO and content marketing for window and door installer grows web presence and increases lead generation


Newview installs doors and windows. The company has a mix of domestic and commercial customers, including property developers, housing associations and property management companies. Because of its expertise in installing acoustic glass, which reduces noise pollution, Heathrow Airport chose it as one of its two Noise Scheme providers.

Established 17 years ago, and with offices in Worthing, Newview is still a growing company. It is one of a few glazing companies awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. 

The Challenge

Outdated branding didn’t reflect the business’ mission, growth and direction.

Before appointing Piernine, Newview worked with an agency specialising in its sector. The agency equipped its client with the right brand assets, but outdated and formulaic graphic design stopped Newview from standing out from its competition. Worse still, because branding primes customer experience and perception of quality, a misaligned and bland brand harmed the company’s growth plans.

Disjointed marketing activities with disappointing results

Newview was creating content and PR. But because its communications lacked connection, its message was being lost. Consequently, the company wasn’t getting ROI from its marketing spend. 


The Solution

Unsure of how to proceed, but knowing it needed help from a specialist, Newview Director Michele Wietscher approached Piernine via a networking organisation.

Piernine recommended Newview start with a marketing audit to look at what Newview has done, how it did it, and what positive and negative results came from its actions.

In particular, the audit would look for inefficiencies and look at ways to recharge the company with a new marketing strategy and direction.


A rebrand reflects Newview’s growing business and values

The visual elements of a brand help companies convey how they want to be perceived by their audience. Newview’s energy-efficient products reduce home and office impact on the environment. Not only that, but the company recycles its waste and buys its timber from sustainable sources.

So Piernine redesigned Newview’s logo and visual branding to communicate its green credentials and core values of sustainability and environment protection.

A redesigned website reinforces branding 

In addition to updating Newview’s website to reflect changes to its brand, Piernine made aesthetic layout and navigation adjustments based on user behaviour, to improve site usability. 

Optimised site content increases traffic and conversions

First, Piernine conducted analytics and keyword research. Then it used the results to copy edit Newview’s site content and create SEO-rich pages.

As a result of Piernine’s work, Newview’s website recorded a year-on-year increase in site visits of 27.4%. And a 25% increase in conversions.

A consistent messaging strategy builds credibility, trust and authority

Connected communications allow you to segment and target messages and reach a larger audience. So Piernine stopped activity that wasn’t generating results.

Then it set up an editorial calendar to help Newview communicate messages that support its mission, vision and goals. Not only that, the calendar helps Newview to plan and coordinate efforts, and keep people on track.

Now when Newview has a story to tell it can amplify the message. When it issues a press release, it uses social media to promote the message and send interested readers back to Newview’s website. Here it captures readers contact details and serves them more content about what they care about.

But that’s not all. Newview can use the calendar to revisit and repurpose existing stories periodically, to get them in front of readers who missed them the first time.

Better-spent marketing delivers ROI from actions

Focus on SEO gives Newview a presence on organic search, which means Newview saves money on paid advertising.

Analytics keep Newview on track

Most importantly, Newview has found that integrated marketing communications boost its brand visibility, increase its media coverage, position it as a thought leader and improve search results.

Piernine have helped us to work more efficiently as well as being there as we grow and launch new services. Their ability to adapt and understand our needs has resulted in a fantastic partnership that has strengthened as our business grows.

Michele Wietscher

Newview Director
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