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New website design and multi-location SEO strategy increase search engine visibility and enquiries for specialist cleaning franchise


Charles Piton provides specialist cleaning services to commercial businesses and domestic customers whose buildings have been affected by fire, flood and water damage. 

Also, emergency specialist cleaning services to protect people from biohazards. 

Elsewhere, the company offers media blasting services to restore surfaces to their former glory.

The company is based in Newhaven and operates across the South East. Recently it expanded its reach to cover London and Kent.

The Challenge

You could describe Charles Piton as the 5th emergency service. For this reason, its customers must be able to find the company in the search engines quickly.

What makes this task more tricky is the fact that Charles Piton operates from multiple locations.

For this reason, Charles Piton needed a website with location pages:

  • Google can quickly find and return to the searcher
  • That load quickly and are easy to navigate on a mobile phone
  • Containing high-quality content that gives the reader everything it needs to contact Charles Piton… quickly.

The Solution

Charles Piton met the director’s of Piernine Director, and they explained how Piernine solves its clients’ problems with gaining local visibility by firstly addressing website issues. After that, by building its clients’ reputations and helping them stand out from the crowd with content marketing.

Charles Piton was unhappy with its current agency’s performance and decided he liked the efficiency of outsourcing his marketing to a specialist. For this reason, he appointed Piernine to create and optimise Charles Piton’s website for multiple locations.


Solidified the brand to reach an expanding customer base

To help new and existing customers quickly understand and remember who Charles Piton is and what the company stands for, Piernine created a strong brand identity. The visual elements, including colours, images, fonts and logo pave the way for building credibility and trust.

Geo-specific sites give Charles Piton visibility in search engines

Next, to help Google rank Charles Piton in the areas in which it operates, Piernine developed a multi-site set up (Charles Piton London and Charles Piton Sussex, Surrey and the South East).

Each site directs searchers to website content relevant to its geographical location. 

What’s more, a multi-site setup lets Charles Piton enhance local SEO opportunities by including geo-specific keywords in each domain name.

Better search engine rankings lead to increased website traffic

By taking advantage of local SEO, Charles Piton can reach its expanding customer base and compete against larger, national businesses. 

As a result of the work Piernine did, more people can find Charles Piton’s website.

In fact, Charles Piton’s analytics show continual growth in users, page views and traffic.

Useful, relevant content that grabs visitors’ attention and converts

To generate awareness and keep Charles Piton’s audience interested and coming back,Piernine writes regular blogs and creates videos. The aim is to show how Charles Piton responds to situations requiring specialist cleaning services.  

Elsewhere, the data Piernine gathers from its marketing activities enables Charles Piton to identify and differentiate between its target markets, then segment and personalise communications effectively.

Generated additional visibility from highly targeted paid search

When Charles Piton opened a new office, it needed quick entry into the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPS). Paid advertising and display marketing give the company instant results. Better still it’s easy to measure and track results. 

Recruited a Marketing Manager to continue the excellent work Charles Piton was so impressed by Piernine’s work; the company asked Piernine for help recruiting a marketing manager to maintain its presence and build relationships with its audience.

I can't emphasise how grateful I am to the team at Piernine for all their support and advice. They really have gone out of their way to help me since I started my new role. They maintain regular contact and give updates to ensure all projects run as smoothly as possible. Thank you so much.

Lyndsey Burt

Marketing Manager
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