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Cyber security start-up grabs audience's attention with strong brand identity


Founded in 2016, Crucial had the vision to provide a pathway for Royal Marines veterans to transition from military life to employment in the cyber-security sector through accredited training courses.

The Challenge

If you build it, they will come. If only launching a start-up was that simple.

Like other start-ups, Crucial knew it couldn’t set about marketing if its audience didn’t know who it was or what it stands for.

More challenging for Crucial was launching a start-up in the hugely competitive training sector.

The Solution

Crucial Founder Neil Williams approached Piernine via LinkedIn. It didn’t take long for Williams to establish that Piernine understood how to grab and retain its target market’s attention with graphic design.

Consequently, in 2016 Crucial commissioned Piernine to create a strong brand identity.

To reach out to and attract Royal Marines leavers; Piernine set about creating a face for the business.

The project encompassed graphics to create brand value, visual appeal, and a positive user experience for its new website.

Also, Piernine created visual templates the company could use across brand assets, thereby implanting Crucial Academy into its audience’s memories.


A foundation to shape marketing activities

A brand is more than just a logo. To build awareness, credibility and trust, Piernine created visuals that make Crucial Academy’s vital messages stand out. In particular:

Value proposition: What makes Crucial Academy unique as a training provider in its sector

Promise: What a Royal Marines veteran can expect to receive every time it interacts with Crucial

Personality: A framework to help Crucial shape the way its customers – Royal Marines veterans, feel about its mission and services

An identity that builds relationships and loyalty

When choosing a training company, you want to know:

  • Does this provider understand me and my needs?
  • What experience does this training provider have?
  • What can I learn from the training provider’s resources?

To get answers to these questions and more, your first port of call will be the company’s website.

How you interact and navigate your way through a website is critical to shaping your view of a company.

A positive user experience means a friction-free journey. Your questions answered as and when they arise. And purchase decisions made risk free and easy.

Piernine worked closely with Crucial website developers to marry design with technology to draw visitors in, guide their journey and prompt action.

ROI from website

Prioritising user-experience rewarded Crucial with trust, loyalty and most importantly, a healthy pipeline and high conversion rates.

Helped to make the company’s marketing activities cost-effective

Not only does having a strong brand identity help Crucial to stand out from the crowd across digital platforms and printed materials, but consistency also allows the company to get the results it wants while keeping costs to a minimum.

The Piernine team were really professional and responsive to our requirements. As a start-up business, it is very difficult to establish a brand and identity. I can’t thank Tim enough for his consultation, advice and designs.

Neil Williams

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
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