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Energifix new website on mobile devices
Green energy start-up builds awareness, traffic and enquiries with new website and digital marketing strategy


Founded in 2020, Energifix provides green energy systems combined with smart grid integration to homes and businesses.

The company has offices in Wales and the West Midlands. Elsewhere, Energifix is the only Premier Samsung Green Energy installer in the UK.

The Challenge

Fast business growth creates its own challenges. For Energifix, these challenges included maximising ROI from marketing spend and the skill set needed to:

  • Build and protect the Energifix brand 
  • Navigate the plethora of marketing options available
  • Win the trust of prospective customers and then retain them


Challenges compounded by the directors’ limited time to devote to marketing. Even though aware of marketing’s importance as a revenue driver.

The Solution

After consulting with various marketing agencies, Energifix founder Cliff Arnold met fellow fellow former Royal Marine, Piernine Director Tim Mitchell. 

Cliff realised Piernine could provide him with precisely the solution he needed. The range of specialisms and experience in all aspects of offline and digital marketing.

What’s more, peace of mind that he could focus on other pressing areas of his fast-growing business with marketing being taken care of. So he appointed Piernine for help to get started.


Generated maximum ROI from digital marketing spend

Piernine provided Energifix with a digital and marketing plan that took into account its limited resources and time. While giving the company the confidence to win new business in the emerging, yet competitive renewable energy sector.

The process started with an audit of Energifix’s situation (where Energifix is now). After that, it outlined objectives (where Energifix wants to be), strategy (how to get Energifix there), tactics (what tools to use) and control (analysis of what worked and what can be improved).

Made Energifix recognisable and memorable with a strong brand identity

To communicate who Energifix is, what it stands for and what people feel when interacting with it, Piernine created a brand identity, encompassing visible elements including colour, design and a logo.

Enticed Energifix’s audience with a fast, responsive and secure website

The better your site structure, the responsiveness of your web design, and the faster your web pages load, the more likely you’ll attract your audiences’ and search engines’ positive attention

With this in mind, Piernine built Energifix a new website that gives prospective customers an excellent first impression. Beyond that, Piernine’s developers used usability best practice to help Energifix nurture leads and convert enquiries into sales.

Drove organic (not paid) website traffic and enquiries

Keyword research is the number one priority for any SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign. Because when you know the keywords or phrases, your audience uses when searching, you can write website pages that address their intent.

As a result of Piernine’s work, search engines display Energifix’s pages in response to queries. Moreover, when readers land on Energifix’s pages, Piernine’s enticing SEO copywriting (that discreetly weaves in keywords, without artificial stuffing), sustains interest and guides readers to take action.

Built awareness, trust and loyalty with content marketing

To continue getting Energifix good SEO results, traffic and conversions, Piernine ensures consistency of brand voice and messaging at every touchpoint in Energifix’s audience’s journey

Writing regular blogs and creating video content builds Energifix’s reputation by showing how Energifix solves its customers’ problems.

After that, Piernine uses social media and email to promote the content it creates, and at the same time build awareness, interest, engagement and relationships.

The Pier 9 team has been a fantastic support to our Energifix, from website design to campaign creation and promotion of services. They have undoubtedly helped us raise our industry profile. I would always recommend their marketing and promotional services, as well as their technical support on all things media.

Cliff Arnold

Energifix Director
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