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Content-led marketing for sustainable business growth

Raise brand awareness & generate new leads while informing & educating your customers.
Sustainable content marketing

Good business for green businesses

Before you throw more money at day to day marketing tactics, ask yourself whether your business has these three things in place:

1. A clear and consistent strategy with decisions about where to play and how to win

2. A distinctive and compelling brand that sets you apart from your competitors

3. An enticing and effective website that brings your ideal prospects to you

Don’t worry if you can’t answer yes to all three – not many organisations can! But we can help you to change that…

We help organisations and brands reach a new generation of socially and environmentally responsible customers by authentically communicating what you do, how you think and how you operate.

We do this by finding out what your customers really think; understanding how your they view content and on what channels. This then informs a content-led sustainable business marketing approach to drive long-term results that establish and reinforce your presence in the marketplace, while answering questions and providing information that helps to inform and educate your customers.

Why content marketing?

At its core, a content marketing strategy establishes a process for creating relevant, high-quality content to engage, intrigue and inform current and potential customers. Without a content marketing strategy – an outline for every piece of content your company puts out into the world – there’s no defined pathway to connect with your customers.

Ref: Content Marketing Institute

What growing company doesn’t have a need for building brand awareness, a partnership to expand services for your customers, increasing your brand’s presence on social media, updating your website, establishing your Directors as thought leaders, or simply maintaining regular communication with your audience? All of these warrant the consideration of content marketing.

Consider these three statistics:

  • The average person consumes over 11 pieces of content prior to making a purchasing decision (Forrester)
  • 75% of marketing leaders polled by Forrester saw bottom-line outcomes, such as loyalty or reduced marketing or media expenses, from content marketing.
  • 96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders (Hubspot).

Content is the core of your marketing activities

Marketing is impossible without great content, whether written, graphic, video, or a combination of all three. Regardless of what type of marketing tactics you use, content marketing sits at the heart of the process and integrates with all forms of marketing:

Website: Your site forms the foundation and provides a home for your content and supports your marketing tactics

Social media marketing: Content marketing strategy fuels your social media strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Businesses that publish quality, consistent content are rewarded with higher visibility in the SERPs by search engines

PR: Successful PR content addresses issues readers care about, not their business.

Paid Ads: Effective PPC needs great content behind it to work.

Inbound marketing: Content is the foundation for acquiring inbound traffic and leads.

A content process that integrates your digital channels

Achieve your targets better, faster and more cost-effectively

By combining your expertise of your products, services and market with creative approaches that continually connect you to new customers, we’ll help build your business by delivering the most impactful combination of marketing tactics that get you to where you want to go, as effectively and efficiently as possible. And for those efforts to have long lasting results.

We can manage the whole journey, or work with you and your team to help at specific stages.


  • Research your company, market, competitors & customers
  • Forward thinking content strategy


  • Content – article, graphic, video
  • SEO strategy
  • Collaborate internally (involved experts in your team), edit & optimise
  • Create social posts for each article


  • Schedule publish dates
  • Publish on website & social
  • Send to external contacts
  • Send internally with guidance on sharing
  • Connect RSS feed
  • Connect to Email newsletter
  • Promote & support with paid promotions
  • Promote & support with offline ads / marketing


  • Track & report on the results

Drive measurable outcomes

Content marketing offers numerous opportunities to support your business growth, achieving the following goals for you:

  • Better Google rankings
  • More organic traffic
  • Longer time visitors spend on your website
  • More understanding of the sensitivities of the target group
  • Better brand communication
  • More external links through relevant content
  • User-generated content through comments and discussions
  • More enquiries
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More newsletter subscribers
  • More followers on social media channels
  • Better employer branding, more applicants and much more
Use core content to generate new business leads

Barriers to effective content marketing

Unfortunately, the biggest barrier to adopting a content marketing strategy is the content itself. The Content Marketing Institute estimates that 60% of companies fear that they cannot produce content consistently, and 65% of companies find it challenging to produce engaging content.

Good content marketing requires constant, transparent work. In order to make you visible on the internet and to inspire your target customers, a well thought-out but lean content strategy is necessary. This must be questioned regularly and adjusted if necessary.

It is the rule and not the exception that the needs of your target customers will change. New legal regulations, competitors and products mean that companies have to keep pace with developments in the industry. As content marketing specialists, we ensure that your marketing measures are always up to date – or even better, that you are one step ahead of your competition.

In order to position you as a topic leader on the internet and to develop this position in the longer term, we use a wide range of measures that are precisely tailored to your organisation’s goals, your industry and target clients. Here are a few cases that exemplify our work:

  • A regional specialist cleaning company entrusts us with the design and implementation of a new website categories and regional content plan. To do this, we create an intuitively understandable page layout and write appropriate category texts to offer purchase advice for the reader.
  • On behalf of a leading UK energy efficient window and door installers, we create content for the company’s own and special interest channels in the online and offline area and advertise it on various social media channels and industry publications (digital & print).
  • For a fast growing green energy system design & installation company, we create new website sections and write articles, which are published on its own website and promoted on their social media channels.
  • A company that’s an industry leader in Africa and The Middle East needs to become more visible online to their clients globally and raise awareness of their services. For this purpose, we are creating a marketing strategy that encompasses new branding, an updated website search engine optimised content and blog that we maintain on an ongoing basis, while promoting new content, company & industry news via their social & email channels.

How can we help you?

Are you ready to outsource your content marketing? You’re in good company; 62% of companies outsource some form of their content marketing strategy. Read more about our services or contact us to discuss how to connect with your ideal audience.

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