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Website Check, How Good Is Your Website?

Why run an audit?

A website check audit is the first step to help you get more value from your website & online marketing.

We review your site to look for opportunities, or red flags, within your current layout, setup, analytics and user experience.

You’ll get immediate recommendations that are backed by data and are actionable – all packed within an easy to understand report. We’ll even give you a call to talk you through the results to make sure you understand the findings and have all the information you need to take action. Our website check tool is one of the most powerful on the market. We have been audits using our website checker for years, our software tool is updated on a monthly basis with the very latest information from Google.

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How the website check audit works


We’d love to find out more about your business by having an initial call.


To perform an accurate website check we first need to understand your objectives. We’ll discuss how you plan to grow your online business and how you are currently running your website optimisation program – if you have one.


We ask for access to your analytics account. Your data and our findings will remain completely confidential (under a non disclosure agreement if you’d prefer).
Access to your analytics allows us to validate our findings. Data makes our recommendations and viewpoint much more objective. We’ll identify some key areas of concern and opportunities.
We can also do a quick health check on your Google Analytics accounts. 95% of the websites we see don’t have optimal levels of tracking – yours could be one of them.


See how your website check can be used to perform a heuristic evaluation of your site and record our findings.

Content will include recommendations for usability improvements, insights from your analytics data, ideas on design and copy and areas to test to increase conversion rate (e.g. sales, enquiries, sign-ups).

You’ll receive a written website check report that you can share with your team – great for getting company-wide understanding and buy-in.


You’ll receive a report showing how you could grow your business based on your own data. From here, it’s yours. You can share it to your heart’s content.

Finally, we will book in a follow up call for any questions you might have. This is an opportunity to discuss your next step and how we can help you get the best results from your marketing efforts. Our website checking tool will give you the ammunition to then either make the changes to your website yourself or let us make the changes for you.

Get actionable tips on how to optimise your site from an outside, expert perspective

Performing a health check of your GA account ensures our recommendations are objective and backed up by data

Get actionable tips on how to optimise your site from an outside, expert perspective

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