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Why? Google Search 2020

Why? Google Search 2020

The top Google Search more than any other in 2020 was ‘Why?’, in every language around the world. As we draw 2020 to a close Google has released its end of “Year in Search” video. The “why” questions unsurprisingly caused by COVID 19, but other questions around the wildfires occurring due to global warming in Australia and the U.S. The huge explosion in Beirut and the deaths of national icons from around the world also helped the search for ‘Why?’ in every language.

‘Why?’ captures the curiosity in trying to make sense of 2020. The frustration of stores not having specific goods on the shelves and the search for opening hours and safety precautions in store. Indeed, searches for “who has” such and such “in stock” were up a whopping 8,000% year on year. Great mini video from Google 3 minutes long.

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