5 strategies to tell a sustainable story

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Some of these may at first appear counterintuitive, but they are borne out of proven strategies and behavioural insights.  Remember, this is all about doing things differently and shaking up the status quo...

Make the customer the hero

Virtue signalling drives much of what we do and enabling this will help strengthen and share your message wider and faster e.g. reward people for sharing  pictures or videos of them using your product on social media.

Rather than highlighting the huge challenges the world faces, focus on the positives - the great big, exciting things that are happening to inspire and put a smile on people's faces!

Champion positive futures

Growth does not necessarily equal ‘more stuff’, so shift the focus onto quality as the value proposition and re-engage consumers with stuff in a new way.

Encourage quality over fast & cheap

Encourage people to share their stories highlighting their relationship to their 'stuff' and encouraging them to engage with a product so they keep it longer and use it more.

Involve your audience, suppliers & staff

Don’t talk about green or eco-friendly

This sounds counterintuitive, but instead of approaching the issue head-on, think about people’s passion and pain points and address these instead.

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