Are you targeting the right customers?

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5 ways customer insights will help your business grow


What’s your plan for making sure you target the right customers next year? If it doesn’t start with getting to really know your customers, you’ll miss out on valuable business.

  1. Get everyone in your business on the same page
  2. Increase sales
  3. Acquire new customers for less
  4. Improve loyalty
  5. Boost engagement

Customer insights, pulled from your data and customer research are fundamental to being able to properly understand your customers’ needs, wants, likes, dislikes etc., which means your sales, marketing, customer service, merchandising and product development efforts will miss the mark.

Affordable customer discovery for all


Until recently, this kind of information and technology has only been available to the big brands. But now we’re helping SME’s to access this crucial information and truly engage with their customers.

So ask yourself how many people in your business can actually describe in detail the people they’re trying to engage with – their age (not vague 20 year increments), their interests, habits, the language they use, where else they spend their money…

And do these customers described actually match up across the business?


If not, it’s probably time to start finding out. Begin your journey here.


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