Our process

Together with our clients we want to make a positive impact on the world.

We explore and create new growth opportunities for people and organisations making a positive social impact in fields like sustainable energy, construction, leisure and risk management.

We bring strategy, marketing and design know-how to harness the power of your stories, conversations and community, as they are the most effective way to build authentic connections and long-term growth. 

Using our BRIDGE framework helps to plan and implement the best route to get you to where you want to be. Each step defines a clear part of the process and, once complete, for review and refinement.

Our Process

The BRIDGE framework


We start by getting to know you and understand what makes your organisation tick. How did you get to where you are now? What’s the context?


Audit current assets, competitors & performance. Then research keywords, topics & trends to inform gap/opportunity analysis.


Explore creative concepts, narratives and opportunities to create an overarching campaign plan.


Put the ideas into practice to define the unique look and voice of the campaign, the customer experience and media used to distribute content and engage users.


Here's where the plans take life and we create and connect the assets and platforms needed to deliver the project.

Execute & Evaluate

The final steps are to launch the campaign, train everyone that will be managing the platforms and systems. All the while we ensure that the results are tracked and reviewed so we can spot further opportunities and make continual improvements.

Making the most of your marketing...

We’ll help you devise and create a strategy to reach a new generation of customers by authentically communicating your initiatives & ethos, and increase engagement with your brand at each stage of the customer journey. 

Why Sustainable marketing?

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