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Powerful digital marketing comes from knowing your audience

There’s a very good reason why people like me keep going-on about the importance of getting to know your customers in as much detail as possible. It’s because the information you’ll uncover about their likes, dislikes, spending habits, location etc. forms the foundations for your marketing process & actions.

It influences everything you need to do to achieve the best results – coming up with the right keyword list, setting up your pages for conversion, creating a great user experience, optimising your content, as well as helping to select the right images, craft the perfect message to drive action and identifying key influencers in your market.

For more on why this is important and how to get to know your audience better, check out this article from Search Engine Journal – How to Know Your Audience to Master Your Marketing Campaigns 

To have a great SEO, PPC or social media campaign; you have to apply tried and true marketing principles


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